About Us

Folk & Rock Music & Dance Academy delivers a diverse range of classes such as Giddha, Bhangra, Dhol, Guitar, Keyboard, Octopad etc. and all Punjabi Folk Dances.

Our Mission

At Folk and Rock Music and Dance Academy we teach Tumbi, Algozey, harmonium, Dhol and Keyboard.We run group sessions for Bhangra classes.This thought was brought into action by Sultan Dhillon who is a renowned Dhol player and 11 times national gold medalist in the same from India. Another Founder is Nirvair Kandola who manages the dance, Social media and enablement side of the acadmey. Jaideep Goraya teachs folk Instruments like Tumbi, Algozey, harmonium and Keyboard he also handles the technical department. We have a very strong support of our teachers. Preet Kandola, our bhangra coach, Kuldeep Kaur who is a gidhha coach. Arun Sharma teaches guitar, Parth Pandey teaches piano (western), Veenu Pathak teaches drum set and Deepak Bawa who teaches Drama and acting.


Our Directors

Sultan Dhillon

Jaideep Goraya

Nirvair Singh Kandola


Sultan Dhillon - 0430 400 073
Jaideep Goraya - 0433 205 786
Nirvair Kandola - 0433 728 121

Folk & Rock Music & Dance Academy, Australia